Billy Bacon

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Born from the unholy union betwixt man and beast, Billy Bacon is the worlds only pig-man cannonball. Billy Bacon earned his name after a powder overload incident on one of his first cannon powered flights leaving him with a distinct odour he still caries with him to this day.
Come on down to the Carnival and see a pig fly!

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Izzy the Squid Girl

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Found by sailors in the Atlantic ocean Izzy the Squid Girl is a marvel of nature, neither human or beast. Stare in slack jawed wonder at this freak of creation and dance a merry jig as you listen to her play a jaunty sea shanty on her fiddle.

This is the first of My Kludge Brother Carnival series.

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Masters of Aviation

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Masters of Aviation was a stoner/desert rock band that a few mates and I decided to start about 6 years ago.
We still haven’t gotten around to doing it yet but here’s a logo anyway.


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Greatest of all sporting mascots, the fighting cockmonkey was first the emblem for the South Wollongong Senior Citizens hopscotch team in 1928. The team won the intergalactic hopscotch championship for the next 5 years. When it was discovered that their amazing luck was due to the absolute awesomeness of the team mascot, the Fighting Cockmonkey was banned from intergalactic hopscotch for all eternity. Since then many teams have taken the Cockmonkey name and been just as successful, including the Barnsley under 8’s arm wrestling squad and the North Haverbrook extreme knitting team.
Thanks to the magnificence of Flaming Derps, your team can also become part of The Fighting Cockmonkey legend.

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