Dded week 14 – Classic American Cars

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I’m not really a big car guy, maybe because with the exception of hugely expensive sports cars like the Aston Marin DB9 most cars built in my life time have been ugly. Not only ugly but boring, especially American cars. But there was a time when American built cars were not dull. They might not all have been pretty but with all that chrome and big ‘ol fins hanging off the back they were anything but boring so for this weeks Dded I’ve done some simple vector versions 7 chrome covered American classics.

Dded week 12 – Retro future Tees

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This week I’ve done some quick ideas for some retro future t-shirts. Retro future is like old sci-fi or what people though the future (or now present) would be like, sort of like the Jetson’s. With these t-shirt designs I was going for the type of thing Jayne Cobb would wear if Firefly was a cartoon made in the early 60’s. If you don’t get that reference, you’re on the Internet – google it.

Like all Draw/Desgin everyday projects, I didn’t spend too much time on these, but I like some of them and will probably work on them some more


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Have you ever been so excited that physically showing just how manically happy you are could get you arrested in 9 out of 10 countries? Ever thought you rectum might just prolapse if the whole world didn’t know you were feeling so damn good? If you answered yes to either of these questions or just like monkeys this right here is the t-shirt for you.
Buy one now before your bum turns inside-out!

Bye bye Buttercup

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Twas a fine spring evening back in 1953 when Buttercup the cow heard a strange and frightening sound. She stopped chewing her cud and looked around. Nothing there. She put her head back down to nibble off some more grass and found that ground was slowly moving away.