Draw/Design everyday, Week 5 – Hands

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25-01-2010 to 31-01-2010. Hand drawn hands,

I thought that this week it would be good to draw something I and a lot of folks have trouble with. I don’t think my efforts suck too hard, still a ways to go yet.


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Draw/Design everyday, week 2 – Ninjas

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This week, ninjas! all rough as guts quick pencil sketches

Draw/Design everyday, week 1 – Yokai

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I can be kinda lazy, as much as I enjoy drawing and designing things sometimes it’s just easier to play a game (I’ve gone through Borderlands twice in a couple of weeks)  or watch a movie in my free time. So to get me doing something more productive and get the creative juices going  I’ve decided to draw or design something new everyday.

The rules I’ve set for my self aren’t to strict (Hell If i break ’em who’s going to punish me?) Every week I’ll have a theme, which I’ll extend into the next week if I feel like it.
I don’t plan to spend too much time on it every day – max 40 mins (unless I really get into and have the time)

The  first week has just ended the theme was Yokai, creatures from Japanese folklore.

1. Monday 28/12/2009  –  Kappa, water sprite, usually seen as mischievous troublemakers. This was done in photoshop with a Wacom Tablet.


Bye bye Buttercup

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Twas a fine spring evening back in 1953 when Buttercup the cow heard a strange and frightening sound. She stopped chewing her cud and looked around. Nothing there. She put her head back down to nibble off some more grass and found that ground was slowly moving away.