south forest
wesrtern forest
north forest

The Pie.

You've been trudging through this dark, overgrown and downright stinky forest for ages. You must be getting close to the cottage by now. You can almost taste the pie. You look ahead to the north and see a clearing.

You find yourself in an open area. To the East there is a river. To the west a path leading to the mountains. To the north, a gate. there is a wonderful smell coming from beyond it. The cottage with the pie must be up ahead.

You find the river. There is a small fishing boat on the bank, it has a big hole in it.

You take the western path, the mountain pass looks blocked but to the north there is a cave,

You take the northern path, at the end of it is a locked gate, beyond it you can smell the magic pie of destiny. According to legend as told by Leroy Phillips down the pub, whoever eats the pie will become president of the West Gosford Darts Club.

You are in the yard of the cottage and can see the magic pie cooling on the windowsill.

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