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Greatest of all sporting mascots, the fighting cockmonkey was first the emblem for the South Wollongong Senior Citizens hopscotch team in 1928. The team won the intergalactic hopscotch championship for the next 5 years. When it was discovered that their amazing luck was due to the absolute awesomeness of the team mascot, the Fighting Cockmonkey was banned from intergalactic hopscotch for all eternity. Since then many teams have taken the Cockmonkey name and been just as successful, including the Barnsley under 8’s arm wrestling squad and the North Haverbrook extreme knitting team.
Thanks to the magnificence of Flaming Derps, your team can also become part of The Fighting Cockmonkey legend.

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Accordion T-shirts

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2228830-1-accordion-brownBe the first kid on your block to own this magnificent accordion T-shirt, you’ll be the stud of the neighbourhood. When you wear this outstanding designer attire you’ll hardly be able to keep your hands off yourself and neither will the ladies. Little Janice from across the street will be all like “Wow, you look hot today. Why are you tweaking your own nipples?”
and you’ll be all like “Huh, oh I’m not tweaking my nipples, I’m playing my accordion T-shirt.”
Then Janice will be all like “Hey yeah, you do have an accordion on your shirt, that’s hot. Do want to go out for ice cream and then maybe later we can hold hands.”
and then you’ll be all like “Why yes Janice, yes I would like that very much.”

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2228844-1-accordion-blue Blue print also available


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pinkyWith the help of Bernard the magic red balloon, Pinky the the flying pink elephant is the star of the Ugly Dave Circus.

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Unibot mk001

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unibot_mk001Designed by boffins to be the greatest ever mono wheeled robot in existence the Unibot mk001 was an epic failure. The mk001 would often fall over due to dodgy gyro stabilizers, especially at low speeds. It also had a nasty habit of disembowelling anyone within a 5 metre radius, but my it was damn fine looking bit of gear. Just look at the way its outer chassis catches the light.. breathtaking isn’t it.

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