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Have you ever been so excited that physically showing just how manically happy you are could get you arrested in 9 out of 10 countries? Ever thought you rectum might just prolapse if the whole world didn’t know you were feeling so damn good? If you answered yes to either of these questions or just like monkeys this right here is the t-shirt for you.
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Big Bertha

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Value for money, that’s what the Kludge Brother Carnival is all about folks. Other sideshows will make you pay twice if you want to see the fat lady and the bearded woman, well not at the Kludge Brothers. Gasp in wonder at Big Bertha, the worlds fattest bearded lady in the cosmos!

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Dog Boy Doug

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When other freak shows tell you they’ve got a dog boy, what they really have is just a hairy little kid. For the Kludge Brother that just ain’t good enough so the boffins at the KB institute created Doug. A real life half human, half dog, 100% bluegrass banjo playin’ fool. Critics have claimed that creating Doug was cruel, that putting a small boy and a dog together in a box and then bombarding it with electricity and particles of PURE SCIENCE is just wrong. The Kludge Brothers invite to come along and see for yourself. Forget the phonies Doug is the real thing.

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Kludge Brothers Boxing Tent

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When the Fighting Cockmoneky was banned as the team mascot for the South Wollongong Senior Citizens hopscotch team in 1932 for being too awesome a hole was torn in the space-time continuum . From that hole sprung forth a real living fighting cockmonkey! Gus, as he came to be known was captured and tamed (too an extent) by the Kludge brothers. Now you can take him on the the Kludge Brothers Carnival Boxing Tent for a chance to win a big cash prize. Will you be the first to beat him?

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Billy Bacon

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Born from the unholy union betwixt man and beast, Billy Bacon is the worlds only pig-man cannonball. Billy Bacon earned his name after a powder overload incident on one of his first cannon powered flights leaving him with a distinct odour he still caries with him to this day.
Come on down to the Carnival and see a pig fly!

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